Paola Karina Cardona

              I’m blessed to have had the privilege to give birth to two healthy precious babies. My six year old daughter Hina and my three year old son Shyam. When first pregnant with my daughter I had no clue about prenatal care or the various options of giving birth. It all came so quickly, but fortunately my husband at the time (very much connected with his feminine side & rebellious heart from the conventional system) had a much better idea of how he envisioned the birth of our 1st baby. He suggested, to have her in a hot tub outside in the garden of a beautiful home in Ojai the “Acacia Mansion”.  Just with us bringing her into the world, just as we conceived her, in sacred space together in love.  At first this sounded absolutely insane to be honest! Especially coming from a family of Doctors….how could this be safe?  with no Doctor present?! So….I began my research,  I found endless of information supporting this natural way of giving birth.  Even though I had a healthy pregnancy with no complications, which I give full credit to my yoga practice.  Regardless of my good health I chose to also have a Plan B – that consisted of simply having access to a near by “hospital” just in case anything…  My husband on the other hand felt that it would be best to place our focus on that “everything would be great” and not make any room for fear. Fortunately all went well, but my unresolved fear of the unknown lead me to painfully push my daughter for many long hours. Finally out, my daughter’s father cleared her respiratory system with his mouth and looked straight into her clear fresh eyes.  With tears in his eyes he passed our daughter to me and immediately she found my nipple and from there on out I was deeply in love with this tiny little being!! Her name came to us two months after her birth in a peyote ceremony.  I already had the name Hina ringing in my ear, but after one of the Native Indians played the drum chanting Hina…Hina….Hina, we knew that was a confirmation.  The Peyote Ceremony brought great healing and many blessings to us.  Hina in Hawaiian means goddess of the moon.  My sweet little moon goddess is one of the main inspiration that led me in the direction of healing and raising the feminine energy in my life.  Just like Hina came to this world, her demeanor is a bit reserved and takes her time to warm up to people and change. Very sensitive & intuitive & definitely has a deep and warm loving heart when she feels safe and loved.

hina baby      

          This time around being pregnant with my son, I felt more confident for what to expect and had time to gather more information and wisdom from raising my daughter.  Although, one baby does not define another….there were many new circumstances that I was not prepared for with this new little being and his unique temperament and sleeping tendencies.  

I chose to have a water birth for my son as well but this time at our home in Corona. I’m tremendously grateful  to have had a wonderful support group for my births son. My mother, friends, partner, the presence of three midwives…..it was like a big birthday bash! My son torpedoed out of me…not having enough time to make it into the birthing tub, and had him standing up in a posture of strength and confidence right over the toilet!  When pregnant with my son Shyam he loved to dance mostly to Krishna songs, and one day in a dream he wrote in the sky at dawn “my name is…..”  It was very clear in the dream but upon awakening, I could only remember that his name started with an S and had Ahh sound in it. My partner suggested the name Shyam. One of the many names of Krishna…..it felt right to me!  My super high energy loving boy demonstrates his way of coming into the world with his extroverted personality, assertiveness, intense eyes, and big open heart! 

shyam baby 

         Paola is a Certified Upeksha Yoga instructor (actively for 10 years) & AiReal yoga instructor (actively for 3 years).  She instructs a variety of integrated styles of Yoga from yoga dance, chair yoga, dream yoga, restorative-flow, pre-post natal yoga, mommy & me, kids yoga at the Yoga Den, Montessori Academy, Horse Thief Canyon community, yoga retreats and workshops.  She received a Bachelor’s in Theater Dance Performing Studies & Psychology from the University of California Berkeley in 2008 while working as a research assistant in various psychology of sleep studies at the Sleep Labs of UCB.  Recently she completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2014 from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Paola’s deep passion for dance, in conjunction to her appreciation for yoga, and fascination for human psychology has led her to integrate these art forms into her teachings. Recently in 2015, Paola underwent Colon Cancer. She considers herself a survivor through the grace of love, she worked deeply through the many layers of her being and is deeply called to share her experience and knowledge as part of her service in this life time.  

          Not only does Paola offer great dedication to the practices she offers, but also creates a cradle for expression and creativity as she guides her students on a journey of observation growth and transformation all while providing a safe & loving space 🙂 


           I created Luna Mamma with the intention to house several of my passions that I live, love, and so excited to share with you! The name Luna Mamma seemed suiting because symbolically it integrates the moon and night time representing my fascination with  Lucid dreaming (https://dreamawakeningyoga.weebly.com/).  The moon representing the honoring of the feminine energy with my strong calling to be a light of service in raising awareness to mothers & children through the “pre-post natal project”.  Finally, integrating my journey in healing from cancer holistically with “embracing cancer” & living as a “Simple vegan” (projects soon to be share), where I offer some tools, recipes, and tips that have helped me tremendously in my everyday journey in nourishing my mind, body, & soul!

 Symbolically Luna Mamma is inspired by the Greek goddess of the moon Artemis.  It is thought that her name, and even the goddess herself, may  be pre-Greek. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto.  The myth tells that after Artemis was born she help her mother give birth to her twin brother Apollo.

       Artemis is also known as the goddess of the hunt,  wild animals, wilderness, childbirth,  virginity, and protector of young children. Artemis is known know to bring healing and relieve disease in women. In literature and art she was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrow.

         The symbol of the goddess of the moon pre-Greek is a half moon with the horns reaching up with an eight point star in the middle of the moon, these are times before patriarchy when… yes! matriarchy existed!  This is very much in alignment with the momentum of the great feminine energy “mother earth” awakening again and healing the fear installed by the too long held patriarchy that’s cased great imbalance. 

The U shape moon reminds me of a full embracing pregnant belly caring the sparkly eight point star in the womb, symbolizing the “child in the womb”…that we all are!.  The eight point star represents the “figure 8” infinite – eternal love and light.  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin perfectly expresses this with:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

At a glance this symbol helps me remember to wake up to our true nature and absolute truth! I hope this helps remind others too!  

Our relationship and connection to the world starts in the womb.  As we grow there will be a process of remembering, learning, and unlearning…we get to chose either an attitude of resistance or love…and that’s ultimate freedom!!!

My vision is to create a self sustainable land for woman and children “Refuge Temple”. Where woman from all walks of life that are looking to ground and reconnect themselves have the opportunity to work with the earth in harmony while healing through the arts & community. The funds raised by Luna Mamma events will offer 30% towards manifesting this dream!!!